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Get Ready To Get Your Website On The Map! With our Basic Blast, We take your website from 0-50 in only 3-5 days. This is the perfect way to get initial rankings for your website and start getting traffic.

50        Article Directory Blasts
50        Social Bookmark Blasts
50        RSS Feeds Blasts
50        Press Release Blasts
50        Web 2.0 Blasts
250      Forum Profiles
500      Backlinks

Turn Around Time
3-5 Days


Take Your Rankings Full Throttle With our "Detonator Plan". Perfect for those looking to boost their existing position or rank their site for new keywords. Sure to take your site to the next level!

10       Video Blasts
100     Article Directory Blasts
100     Social Bookmark Blasts
100     RSS Feeds Blasts
100     Press Release Blasts
100     Web 2.0 Blasts
500     Forum Profiles
1,010   Backlinks
All Links Run Through SE Nuke X's Rapid Indexer
Turn Around Time
5-7 Days


Explode your rankings and revenue with our "Explosion Plan"! Whether you want to put a new site on the map, boost current rankings or dominate an entire niche, this plan provides maximum results in minimum time!

20       Video Blasts
250     Article Directory Blasts
250     Social Bookmark Blasts
250     RSS Feeds Blasts
130     Press Release Blasts
500     Web 2.0 Blasts
1000   Forum Profiles
2,500   Backlinks
All Links Run Through SE Nuke X's Rapid Indexer
Turn Around Time
7-10 Days


Want complete automation? Let us provide your articles and videos so you can enjoy a truly hands free job. Our add-ons include:

$10.00      2 Spun Articles
$22.50     5 Spun Articles
$37.50     10 Spun Articles
$10.00           2 Videos
$22.00           5 Videos
$35.00           10 Videos

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